What's new in Odoo CRM 16?

Odoo has developed a lot of fresh, practical features throughout the years with each version update. Odoo is constantly improving internal functionality to implement practical industrial operations. As a result, the end user enjoys substantial benefits. A new version is released, the user experience is always prioritised, with plain functionality following closely behind.   Odoo 16 offers a variety of enhancements, including enhanced user experience, operating speed, and application performance. In fact, version 16 of Odoo is thought to be the fastest, friendliest, and most sophisticated of its predecessors.

Effective ERP may undoubtedly help businesses grow significantly by popularising their brand and re-establishing productive relationships with their clients. You can improve your business with Odoo 16 and manage everything from one location. Odoo 16 is a powerful ERP platform that streamlines customer relationship management and business operations. With the Odoo 16, you can automate your customer contact operations and reduce the amount of data entering labour you undertake. You can set up your tasks in a pipeline manner, control them, and complete the deal with the right improvements. Odoo CRM keeps your business operations current and provides prompt customer service. It guarantees accurate response. You might be wondering what's new in the latest release.

Modifications and new modules  

The core of the entire database consists of streamlined, intricately interrelated modules that make up Odoo. This is a crucial component of Odoo's user-friendliness. significant number of new features and tools will be incorporated into the current modules of Odoo in order to ensure increased productivity and efficiency. With Odoo 16, the new modules and components have a new and improved form.

Accounting Module

The accounting module will probably include 156 interesting features. How to create an invoice is also taught, which is knowledge that firms can unquestionably benefit.

A new analytic widget on invoices was added with the intention of streamlining analytic distribution, analytic plans (which replace groups), and analytic distribution models. Examine financial statements. 

Analyse financial reports using analytical accounts and/or strategies. List views are allowed for bulk analytics.

The bank reconciliation widget has undergone changes in navigation, user interface, and readability. The inclusion of tax-applied facts, the elimination of unnecessary data, and the disregard for empty journals are only a few of the enhancements added to Journal Audits.

the capability of adding negative assets management and calculating depreciation based on the real number of days in each period. Depreciation items are created by each asset adjustment for the period since the previous one was posted. Both the computation board and the asset import were updated.

Efficiency gains, fewer operational accounting challenges, quick invoice preparation, and accurate audit reports are all advantages for business operations.

HR & Sign Module

Several Odoo 16 features, including those listed below, have been streamlined for the HR and sign modules

Case no longer affects the hunt for an address when entering or streamlining an dispatch address on an operation form.

Through digitization, names, dispatch addresses, and phone figures can be automatically uprooted from CVs. You can incontinently pierce CV trials in the app.

Dashboards have been redesigned to be more accessible, and several other views have also been improved.

By designating them as" Canvassers" on a job description or operation record, druggies can view seeker records without having full access to the Reclamation app.

Bettered stoner interface and druthers for job operations. The runner for the job operation has been streamlined with new plates and fields.

When a stoner does not subscribe their name, a bus hand is incontinently suggested( rather of Draw).

Allow signatories to submit their autographs indeed after their IAP credits have run out( for SMS authentication, for case), and notify druggies through dispatch and the subscribe app's interface if there are inadequate or missing finances.

Benefits for the business include excellent resource planning, better leave planning, hand performance shadowing, effective design planning, and a reduction in inconsistent resource allocation.

The manufacturing module now incorporates a number of significant features with the Odoo 16 interpretation. As an illustration, we have

Allocation Reports are now accessible to manufacturing orders as well. In the event that two product orders are linked, parent- child connections are automatically created.
The client gate now displays the reference and status of a manufacturing order that's linked to a deals order

Set up the manufacturing process for Manufacturing Operation Types to automatically consume products with tracked lots or periodical figures. Transfers for both pre- and post-production are automatically streamlined with any volume changes made to the manufacturing orders.The corridor on the Bill of Accoutrements that bear homemade enrollment during manufacturing should be chosen. Once the operation of these factors has been manually recorded, the product order must be closed.

Set a cost share for tackle type BOM factors to automatically resolve purchase order pricing grounded on element valuation.

The Overview report, formerly known as the Structure and Cost report, has experienced a complete redesign. Lead times and the posterior vacuity date are now accessible grounded on current and awaited stock.

produce dynamic operation dependences grounded on the BOM that affect work order planning and status.

Make a form order grounded on a return. Once the return has been handled, an announcement is issued to the applicable form order.

Manufacturing process simplification is a business advantage.

In Odoo 16, the force module has entered a number of changes, from advancements to the addition of7. What may we therefore anticipate? This is it!

At the position of Operation Types, decide whether to automate the generation of batches for each contact, carrier, or destination nation.

For each kind of process, you can decide whether or not backorders are automatically generated.

The most recent count date as well as other storehouse types. The indistinguishable diurnals now have a warning icon next to them. added a" Apply all" button to the top of the screen and a sludge for starred products.

Now, SSCC GS1 markers can be created, along with GS1 markers for lots and periodical figures( including the product, lot/ SN, expiration date, and vend- by date)( containing packaging date and weight). When publishing a package's contents, datamatrix canons( similar as lot/ SN, expiration dates,etc.) are published with all content.

The event report has been enhanced with links to Deals Orders, product names on markers, automatic barcode display, and a change in the bus- popup option to the operation type.

To automate loss, designate specific locales as loss locales. The left panel of refillment allows you to sort in position or product order.

Purchase module

The purchase module has entered a number of salutary upgrades in doo 16 as well. You can anticipate- according to the Odoo release notes.

The cost is altered when there's a distinction between the bill price and the purchase order price.The request for proffers has been revised. snappily compare colourful requests for estimates, either all at formerly or line by line. The need for a specific purchase agreement is no longer necessary.View a product's RfQs purchase history to track price changes.

A damage status is now included in purchase orders. This status makes it simple to determine whether the products have been entered in full, in part, or not at each. Also, it enables one to determine whether they arrived on time.

Benefits for the company- Performance, security, and stoner experience have all bettered, as has system translucency.

In the website module, you can notice the following features if you decide to modernise from Odoo 15 to 16 A fresh, usable analytics dashboard for SaaS consumers.

You may now fleetly pierce the backend view of your objects, events, and movables by pressing a new button. Choose a dynamic runner, similar to an event or a store, to serve as the website's main runner from the settings menu. Ask callers' concurrence before putting any eyefuls on their bias that are not absolutely necessary.

Events can be shown anywhere on a website by using the Dynamic Events erecting element. Determine the language of the caller in the CRM, Helpdesk, or timetable( Online movables) apps grounded on the language interpretation of the website they're viewing when submitting a form. Aesthetic and dynamic designs, time- saving technologies, and a wide range of customization options are all benefits for businesses.

These are just some of the new features included in Odoo 16, and businesses are sure to profit from the bettered performance and effectiveness that come with this new interpretation of the suite. However, also Odoo 16 is the perfect choice for you, If you're looking for an each- by- one result to manage your business operations.
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