Eye Hospital Management

Oxap is the ultimate software for Eye hospital management

Eye Hospital Management System

What is Oxap?

Oxap is an all-in-one ERP solution for eye hospitals.
The Odoo ERP software digitizes the medical records, with the ability to manage the inventory and accounting part of the firm, simultaneously. This optometry software is exclusively tailor-made considering the feedbacks and suggestions of leading doctors and other healthcare professionals. Clinics, nursing homes, and super-specialty hospitals are some of those who can benefit from this software. Patients care, Consultation, Surgery section, Pharmaceutical sector management, can all be configured and maintained without compromising the data stored.
The eye hospital management system has been facilitating seamless and efficient functioning of clinics and hospitals, with 100% satisfied clients.

Why Select Oxap?

Oxap notifies the authorities of least remembered activities that need extra attention, which in turn helps to elevate the business in the shortest time. 

It offers transparency and integration between different sectors and ensures the smooth functioning of a complex hospital environment

Oxap offers a high-level of security for all the data stored. Customization of access-rights to these data can be done according to the needs of management.

Oxap provides the complete medical records of patients, regarding their past and current treatments. Overall it is easy to find a patient's current state of health so that there will be no delay in treatments.

The pharmacy is directly connected to the doctor's view, hence, the patient details with prescription will be shown in the pharmacist's desk, after the consultation.

Modules in focus


The reception module of Oxap manages the front desk reception activities. The status of any Patient/Doctor can be queried from this module, e.g., time of consultation, patient details inquiry, etc.

Patient Registration 

The patient Registration module is designed to manage patient information charts, which marks the outset of demographics captured. All patient processes are automated through several stages.


The refraction module is designed to ease the workflow of an ophthalmologist, who needs to gives a Refraction/Vision test, routinely during an eye examination for patients.


The module follows the unique method of getting patients' time and refraction result from the registration stage to the doctor's desk, this helps the doctor to easily manage the consultation accordingly .


Counselling module is mainly for those patients who have to undergo surgeries and need more information in the same regard. This module helps to fill all the required counselling details for each patients’ seeking information.


An extensive list of the surgeries carried out and scheduled is listed in the module, along with the doctor performing them. Details of scheduled surgeries are also displayed in calendar view for ease of use.


Our Pharmacy Management module is used to manage a complete pharmacy. Receives prescriptions directly from consulting doctors, which eliminate manual intervention


Exclusively designed for managing and updating the account details of various sections. It eases out the payments, expenses, assets, and revenue transactions in reliable way.  


Inventory Management module of Oxap is used for inventory & stock management, Maintain stock, Reorder levels and shows an appropriate warning for pharmacy,  optical products, etc. 

HR & Payroll 

Module enables the hospital to flawlessly accomplish difficult and error-prone activity by unifying all employee and employee-related information across the firm.  

Analytics & Dashboard 

Analytics & Dashboards module of oxap provides various dashboards and Analytical views to better understand the business improvements.

Biometric Device


Integrates any available biometric device. Automates attendance marking through the Face or Thumb detection method and keeps the device attendance in log.



The module helps us to connect with the customers through Whatsapp, sending messages and other notifications, thus improving customer convenience, which in turn improves productivity.



The SMS integration allows the hospital to use text messages as the communication media, which notifies the customer via messages about the consultation related information.

Customer Feedback


Enables customer feedback options. Customers can connect to the hospital team for any queries and complaints through this module.



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