Eye Hospital Management Software

Oxap is the ultimate software for Eye hospital management

   Less paper works

   Easy Customization

   High-level data security

   Web/cloud based solution

   Manage Multiple Branches

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Oxap is a complete, all-in-one ERP system for eye hospitals.

A variety of workflows are handled by OXAP in an eye clinic. In addition to administering, medical, and financial control, it ensures smooth eye clinic performance. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have provided feedback and suggestions for the development of this ophthalmology EMR software. Eye hospitals must adhere to these principles for their operations to be successful. A wide range of hospital administration and management processes can be managed by this Eye Hospital Management Software designed for eye clinics and multi-specialty eye hospitals. An integrated end-to-end Eye Hospital Management System supports efficient decision making in patient care, hospital administration, and critical financial accounting, while integrating relevant information across the hospital.


The system is customizable and generates MIS reports. 

The minimal technical architecture makes it to understand in a short period of time.

Oxap offers transparency and integration between different sections and ensures the smooth function of even a super specialty hospital.

Oxap warns any unnoticed issues to doctors and management which hugely improves the business.

Oxap provides multi-level access rights making the patients and other data secure.The data is stored in cloud based database.

Modules in focus

Appointment & Registration

Manage front-desk reception activities.

Easy handling of patient documents.

Visibility to previous visit history.


Ease the workflow of refractionist.

Recording of refraction & PMT test report.

Previous glass details of patient.


Easy analysis of refraction reports for doctors.

E-prescription of medicines, lab tests, treatments.

Previous medical prescriptions.

Counselling & Surgery

Details of surgery packages.

Scheduled surgeries in calendar view.

Surgery & scheduled time in one glance.

Optics Module

Manage prescribed glass details.

Purchase of optical products from suitable vendors.

Optical products: Return/Credit note option.

Pharmacy Module

Manage prescribed medicines.

Purchase of medicines from suitable vendors.

Medicines: Return/ Credit note option.

Laboratory Module

Manage prescribed lab tests.

New appointment creation.

Lab test report generation.

Inventory Module

Inventory management of multiple warehouse.

Management of stock in and out, products, batches/lots.

Easy product transfer.

HR & Payroll 

Improved Employee Experience.

Greater data accuracy and security.

Easier reporting.

Customer Feedback Integration

Understand your customers better.

Enables customer feedback options.

Improve Loyalty.

Analytics & Dashboard 

Display information clearly and efficiently.

Better understand the business improvements.

Easily customizable dashboard.

Biometric Device Integration

Integrates any Available biometric device.

Automates attendance marking through the Face or Thumb detection.

Improve attendance tracking.

Whatsapp Integration

Easily connect with the customers.

Improves customer convenience.

Enhance Customer Support.



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