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How Insurance Company Benefits by OdooERP

In the Insurance industry, every day a massive number of data gets generated that needs to get hold of without any delays. Insurance companies need an efficient system to handle the data processing of multiple clients without flaws and failures. Odoo is one of the most suggested ERP for insurance industry, Odoo ERP solution helps insurance companies to combine all data of various departments into a single database. Odoo ERP Softwares are the best for an automobile insurance company as it will help them for appropriate backup of data, tracking customer’s credentials & taking care of the legal agreements with the help of various modules & reports.

Automobile Insurance
Solution includes

Customer Relation

The app collects all the customer-related data in a database and associates all the related activities on the customer account. The user can view and manage all the customer policies and claims. Clients demanding for any changes on any data can also be initiated instantly.

Policies and Claims

The automobile insurance claims and policies are generated based on the vehicle's model, make type, weight, and many more factors. The factors about vehicles can be changed according to the client requirement, and on the basis of the data given users can create different proposals for insurance.

Lead Generation
Through Live Media

One can apply for the insurance service through social media like the Facebook page of the client. The Odoo ERP fetches the leads in the CRM module for further proceedings depending on the data. Website leads can also be accessed through ERP solutions with ease. The feature will help the company to get clients in any live media, even through mobile phones. Users can also contact the respective company or agent for future needs.

Accounting and

Bank synchronization, invoicing the bills generated, easy reconciliations with the company/agent are carried through a single software. The invoice generation is managed online by sending the pdf format of the invoice through email to the respective client. For the easy payment of insurance, the software can be tied up with online paying apps.

Automobile Insurance Solution

Insurance Management Solution
by Odox gives

Secure and Easy

The software compliances with the security guidelines for the insurance, by securing the data of each customer. The data collected are stored in a single software with access given only for the higher level users, yet easy to retrieve whenever needed.

Transparent Workflow

The process carried out from the customer account creation until the maintenance of the insurance claimed, is very transparent to the users. The agile and transparent workflow contributes to the easy generation of reports and forecasts.

Customised Development

Software is implemented in such a way that it can go through customization and updation as per the business requirements. Software maintenance can be done by our expert at a regular interval of time, whenever required.

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