Advanced features in Odoo15

 Odoo ERP Software is an open-source ERP software integrated with different business modules and apps. Odoo is a highly recommended open source ERP with around 7 million users. Odoo ERP plays a key role in small and medium-sized enterprises. Odoo comes up with technically advanced features every year. The latest version of Odoo that going to launch in Odoo experience 2021 is Odoo 15. Odoo 15 will be a new attraction in ERP solutions. The Odoo experience 2021 will be between 6th October to 7th October 2021. 

 Odoo 15 is going to be far more advanced than the Odoo 14 which is out there to you and can be packed up with tools to run the business more effectively and efficiently in all parts of the world. Following are the Advanced features in Odoo 15;

 Sales module - Product

  In Odoo 15 sales module there is a star button on all the products so that one can directly select Favorite Products. Once you favorite the product then it can be seen in the favorite search panel. Even in the filter option, one can see the favorite product for which it is selected. Also, either from the Sales module, Purchase module, or Inventory module, you can see by just go to product master then click on the products for any record.


UoM Categories

Using Odoo 15 one can now add UoM in particular Units category through Add line in UoM from the Sales, Purchase or Inventory module. Also, you can define the category for UoM and then one can define the units. If you want to add more units of measure then it can also be added in the line. The benefits of it are it has a form view to do the process. 

 Editable graph and pivot view

 One of the most discussed features of Odoo15 is the editable pivot and graph views. As a part of user ease, Odoo added a feature where users can edit the views according to their preferences.  For instance, if the user has a bar graph in which he or she wants to compare it with the ERP so that they can change the graph view into bar, pie, and line.

While using Odoo 15 when you create a new attribute form, you can see a new options category for the attribute. That can be used to categorize the attribute.  

Import File

 Odoo15 is getting a whole CSV import feature to revamp. Better upload view, multiple columns mapping, better mapping options, and more configurable options. 


 Inventory module- Gift Card
  The website gift card allows one to sell the card on e-commerce. website gift card creates unique codes that are created on sale of gift cards and those unique codes can send to the customer via email or physically. Multiple unique codes can be created with the website gift feature for multiple quantity purchases. 



Here is the reservation method for the Delivery Orders/Manufacturing Order based on the reservation that can be calculated as at confirmation/manually/before the scheduled date. At the time of delivery, you can set the desired configuration before doing any delivery order. By setting a before schedule date it can easily reserve days for the delivery order before scheduling the order.  


Point of Sale- Coupon program and Promotion program

The Coupon Program and Promotion Program will be introduced in the Pricing section of Settings in Odoo 15. Here one can create the coupon details and save them for later use. Also, you can easily select the product and apply saved coupons at the Point of Sale. It will reflect in the product also will be visible to the customer.  

Assigning the salespersons to multiple Teams.

  This feature is in the Odoo CRM. Using this feature, it is easy to allocate the desired team members to an activity or lead or any other opportunities. This will set up the Sales activity and its related team members’ collaboration for the leads.

OWL Sheet 2.0

This feature includes formula assistant of the user, edit bar, find and replace option, real-time collaboration, and a lot more.