In these data-driven times, you will need good technical support to clean, transform and remodel the data to formulate a perfect decision and to perform the action plan. Data is collected from various sources. The accuracy of data collected should be verified before analysis. This process is never as simple as you think. Data analysis consists of structuring the findings from these sources. Data analysis plays an epic role in breaking down macro problems that are required to be solved into micro parts. In every way, this process consumes all resources whether it is money, time, effort, etc.

The role of ERP systems in today’s business environment becomes inevitable due to their capability in data handling. ERP System facilitates the managing of business functions within an integrated and centralized system that enables to make decisions in real-time to thrive. It helps to track the business to determine the various positions like financial, inventory, human resource, customer support, etc. it saves money, time and ensures accuracy.

In a country like India occupying 1.3 billion people, storing, analyzing, and interpreting the data of even 1% is a great task of work. For businesses like insurance, banking, health care would need a huge setup to run.

Insurance is a B2C industry where a huge number of data is processed which needs to be maintained and protected. In an insurance company, the data is maintained largely on paper and not in one place. Hence It is difficult to handle. 

Insurance Companies in India

The insurance industry of India has 57 insurance companies. 24 are with the life insurance business, while 33 are non-life insurers. In India, the general market size of the insurance sector is predicted to US$ 280 billion. Insurance may be a data-driven industry. There are now numerous players within the competition and every one among them features a mine of knowledge but only those converting that data into useful insights can make it a gold mine. According to the findings of a recent study, 86% of insurance companies are performing on Insurance data analytics mechanisms for optimum predictions of massive data reports. The first step of insurance companies in utilizing the strength of the information available by mapping their future goals. Different organizations can aim for growth in several aspects of business processes like mitigating their routine challenges, automating complex processes, or achieving a competitive advantage within the market. It might be for one among the processes or all of those.

How ERP system helps insurance

ERP Solutions are the simplest for any insurance firm because they will help them for appropriate backup of knowledge, tracking customer’s credentials & taking care of the legal agreements with the assistance of updated modules & reports in ERP. Following are the benefits of implementing an ERP system.

  • Data analysis
  • Sales tracking
  • Customer service

Through ERP system it’s being able to slice, dice, and present data when needed with visually stimulating dashboards. This may be a great advantage, especially when there's such a lot of data at hand. After implementing ERP for Insurance Industry, the corporate can specialize in streamlining its processes especially the complaint management and claim processing part. This may help during a better turnaround for the corporate and increasing customer loyalty.

The Insurance management solution of Odox gives you efficient data management and data security. The software system helps insurance companies to manage customer data, create a transparent workflow contribute to the easy generation of reports and forecasts, proper customization, and update of software as per the business requirements. You can find more about insurance management solutions on our website and purchase at an affordable price, which further cuts the resource and cost.

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