In today’s world, we have health issues and concern about many health factors. Hence the booming of many hospitals has taken place rapidly, in the past few decades all around the globe. More people consult hospitals that are managed in a systematic way with many more facilities and fewer confusions widely known as the 'super-specialty' hospitals. In India, there is a rapid improvement in health care sectors by tying up with growing technologies. And these hospitals run by certain management faces a lot of challenges in their way of growth, for keeping records of outgrowing the number of patients, doctors and of course the assets that they rely on.

 A hospital management system is a web-based or computing system which is used to handle the function and operations of a super specialty hospital. This software can be used for any medical set-up including clinics, pharmacy, and medical centers as well. Many of the hospitals in India have already implemented the system, resulting in drastic business growth. The system makes the whole process easier and paperless, by integrating essential information regarding doctors, patients, staff, etc.into a single software.

Eye hospitals, unlike any other hospitals, must have a special software system for the management, which should also include the eye treatment-related module along with all other business management features. Eye Hospital Management System makes the process simpler and easier by putting all efforts into a single application that streamlines the entire workflow for your convenience. Make and schedule an appointment with the comfort of the computerized system allows the whole functionality to perform all the activities at ease. In general, software increase health care business growth & service quality as well as reducing financial costs.

Why Eye Hospital Management System?

There are many benefits that showcase the usefulness of the system. A key factor of adopting Eye Hospital Management software is to streamline the entire workflow and better patient care management by investing less time & energy.

Ease of access: 
The main advantage of eye hospital management is the accessibility of data. We can easily retrieve information from any patients, doctors, or other staff in just a few clicks. The system can store the patient's information to recheck the reports whenever required.

Speed and efficiency:
The system automates the management of the hospital that is, there will be no human intervention at any level. This increases the speed in tasks like communication between different departments, report generations, etc. The system can perform its tasks assigned with utmost accuracy for the whole day long.

The total cost of operation in a hospital is cut short by implementing the system. The load of manual work will be reduced and the storage space will be saved as well.


There are many different modules that help to manage each department in an eye hospital. Few of these must-have modules are listed below:

Reception module:

The reception module focus on the patient's and doctors' data status, which can be enquired at the desk reception. Time of consultation, patient’s history, and other details are stored in this particular module.

Pateint Registration module:

The main importance of this module is no documents are required to keep a record of patients' entry. Patients are free of all the paperwork throughout the hospital visit, that was time taking task.The module manages the patient's information chart that includes prescription,identification-related documents, etc.

Refraction module:

In an eye hospital, the most useful module is the refraction module, where you get to test the vision. The vision test is carried out by ophthalmologists and suggests if prescribed lenses are required. This workflow is carried out very easily through the refraction module.

Consultation, Pharmacy, and Surgery module:

The doctor consultation is done through retrieving patients' complete details from, registration to the consulting stage, at the doctor's desk through the system. Doctors after consultation can e-prescribe the medicine for particular patients directly to the connected pharmacy. This is done through the Pharmacy module. 
The Surgery module helps the doctor to analyze the patient's history before surgery, data related to surgery are also stored in a database for further references.

Counseling module:

The module helps patients to understand and make a decision on their health-related queries. This also helps the hospital to take necessary steps according to patients' status which in turn helps the management to improve their efficiency. 

Accounts, HR, and Payroll module:

Accounts module manages every sector of financial accounts related to the management. This module can be customized as per requirement.
HR and Payroll unify all the information related to employees that are scattered in various levels of the management. This helps to assess the performance of each employee and can be managed in an organized way.

Inventory module:

The module consists of all the knowledge related to stocks, orders, and inventory in a hospital. Before the hospital runs out of stocks, the automated system warns about it erasing further tensions.

Analytics and Dashboard module:

To better understand the growth of a business it should be represented in an analytic way. The module helps to collect data and display the result in an analytic manner through various dashboards, helping to understand the management improvements.

Biometric Device Integration:

The system can interface with any biometric devices that are used for attendance marking for staff through fingerprint detection or face recognition.

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