Eye Hospital Management

Oxap is the ultimate software for you to automate your business management

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What is Oxap?

Oxap is all in one ERP solution for eye hospital, This is an absolute software for doctors to automate their medical records digitally. This is especially useful for clinics, nursing homes and hospitals and has been made keeping in mind Doctor’s requirements. It includes Patient care management, consultation, surgery management and Pharmacy management. Oxap is simple to use, easy to configure, highly scalable, and easier to maintain. This software has been facilitating seamless and efficient functioning of clinics

Why select Oxap?

Oxap improves business as it provides warnings in different stages related to forgotten things by doctor or registration department etc.

It offers transparency and integration between different departments and ensures smooth functioning of a complex hospital environment

One of the strong point for oxap is its security level. We can Customize security according to the needs of management.

Oxap Provides complete history on a patient regarding the past and current treatments being offered

The pharmacy is directly connected to the doctor's view. So whenever the doctor sends a patient to the pharmacy. The patient details with prescription will be shown in pharmacy view. Overall it is easy to find a patients current position and stage, so there will be no delay in any case 

Modules in focus


Reception module of Oxap manages the front desk reception activities. Status of any Patient/Doctor can be queried from this module, e.g., time of consultation, patient details enquiry etc.

Patient Registration 

Patient Registration module of our system is designed to manage patient information chart, which marks the outset of demographics captured. All patient process are automated through several stages, no need to carry prescriptions identification papers, etc


A Refraction, also called a vision test, is routinely given during an eye examination, and it’s designed to tell your doctor if you need prescription lenses. Oxap's Refraction module is designed to ease the workflow of an ophthalmologist.


Our unique method of getting patient details from the registration stage  to the consulting stage, the doctor can easily manage according to the time & refraction result of the patient directly at his fingertips.


The module helps patients to understand and make a decision on their health-related queries. This also helps the hospital to take necessary steps according to patients' status which in turn helps the management to improve their efficiency.


The module is designated mainly for scheduling and managing the surgery assigned to multiple doctors at a time, in a systematic order. Keeps record of details like date of surgery, patient profile, equipment details used for a particular surgery, and many more, for each surgery, carried out.


Our Pharmacy Management module of is used to manage a complete pharmacy shop. Receive prescriptions directly from consulting doctors, which eliminate manual intervention


Account management in OXAP is a module specially designed for managing the account details of various sections inside the firm. It eases out the payments, expenses, assets, and revenue transactions in a fast and reliable way. The module keeps the details up to date and accurate.


Inventory Management module of Oxap is used for inventory & stock management, Maintain stock, Reorder levels and shows appropriate warning for pharmacy,  optical products etc. 

HR & Payroll 

HR and Payroll management enables the hospital to flawlessly accomplish very difficult and error-prone activity by unifying all employee and employee-related information that are scattered across the firm. This helps to showcase comprehensive details regarding each and every staff member of the organization.

Analytics & Dashboard 

Analytics & Dashboards module of oxap provides various dashboards and Analytical views to better understand the business improvement

Biometric Device


The Biometric device integrates any available biometric device. The module automates attendance marking through the Face or Thumb detection method. It can keep the device attendance in log and can download the same, whenever required through simple steps.



The Whatsapp module helps us to connect with the customers through Whatsapp, sending messages and other notifications.it helps in improving the customer convenience which inturn improves productivity.



The SMS integration allows us to use text messages as the communication media, which notifies the customer via messages

Customer Feedback


Enabling customer feedback options.

What oxap has been doing