Introducing Odoo 16's All-New Manufacturing Module

The Odoo 16 manufacturing module provides a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of the manufacturing process, from product design and production planning to Odoo Inventory management and quality control. It offers features such as BOM management, routing, work order management, scrap management, quality control, and many more. These features help streamline the manufacturing process, improve efficiency, and reduce waste, making it an essential tool for any manufacturing industry.

The Odoo 16 MRP module also provides features such as production planning and scheduling, subcontracting, maintenance, PLM, and quality assurance, which are crucial for an efficient and streamlined manufacturing process. By using Odoo Manufacturing ERP, manufacturers can keep track of all aspects of the production process, including inventory management, resource allocation, and production schedules, in real-time, leading to improved efficiency and productivity. Overall, the Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module is a comprehensive and flexible solution for managing all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Odoo 16 manufacturing module includes new and improved features such as:

  • Improved BOM management: The BOM management system has been improved to provide better control and flexibility over the production process.

  • Enhanced work order management: The work order management system has been updated to support better tracking and control of the production process, including better reporting and analysis.

  • Increased efficiency with MRP: The MRP system has been updated to provide more efficient and accurate planning, scheduling, and execution of production.

  • Better inventory control: The inventory management system has been updated to provide better control over stock levels, with improved reporting and analysis capabilities.

  • Quality control improvements: The quality control system has been updated to provide more robust and flexible tools for managing quality, including automatic quality checks and improved reporting.

  • Integration with other modules: The manufacturing module has been improved to integrate better with other Odoo modules such as accounting, sales, and purchasing.

  • These new and improved features help to streamline the manufacturing process, increase efficiency, and provide better control and visibility into the production process, making the Odoo 16 manufacturing module essential for any manufacturing industry.

  • Improved MRP features: The Odoo 16 MRP module has been updated to provide more powerful and flexible features, such as the ability to divide and merge manufacturing orders, improved allocation reporting, and the ability to track the progress of manufacturing orders in real-time.

  • Manufacturing worksheets: The MRP module now includes manufacturing worksheets, which assist users in completing operations, processes, and quality checks.

  • Subcontracting support: The MRP module now supports subcontracting, allowing subcontractors to track production and provide better visibility into the production process.

  • Production planning and scheduling: The MRP module includes improved production planning and scheduling tools, allowing businesses to define a sequence for their operations, deciding which manufacturing orders should be completed sequentially and which can operate parallelly.

Odoo integration unifies manufacturing management for efficiency.

Integration allows different Odoo modules, such as maintenance, PLM, and quality, to work together seamlessly, providing a single source of truth for all manufacturing data and processes.

  • Maintenance: Integration with the maintenance module allows businesses to track and manage maintenance activities for their production equipment, improving equipment uptime and reducing downtime. The maintenance module in Odoo 16's Manufacturing Module helps businesses effectively manage maintenance tasks, track requests, and assess equipment efficiency through enhanced displays and dashboards. The integration with the Manufacturing module allows for seamless handling of preventative and corrective maintenance and the ability to create maintenance requests from the work centre. The ability to merge and divide manufacturing orders adds more flexibility and efficiency to the maintenance process.

  • PLM: Integration with the PLM module allows businesses to manage product lifecycle processes, from product design and development to production and beyond. The integration of PLM with Odoo's Manufacturing ERP in Odoo 16 helps businesses manage technical modifications, communicate about changes, and synchronize multiple divisions for better tracking. The PLM tool allows for the attachment of documents or drawings, and the creation of alarms at the work centre, making it a powerful tool for managing, scheduling, controlling, and reporting activities.

  • Quality: Integration with the quality module allows businesses to manage quality control processes, including quality checks, inspections, and certifications, ensuring that products meet high quality standards. The quality assurance function in Odoo 16's Manufacturing ERP supports businesses in establishing quality control points and regulating product quality through warnings. It also helps in the approval of production parts, statistical process control, investigation of process failure modes and impacts, ensuring the production of high-quality products.

These integrations help to provide a comprehensive solution for managing the manufacturing process, from product design and production planning to inventory management and quality control. The role of Odoo integration is to provide a unified and streamlined solution that improves efficiency, reduces waste, and provides better visibility and control over the manufacturing process.

The significance of Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module

Module also provides real-time tracking of production orders, allowing manufacturers to monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments. With the ability to track inventory levels, plan production schedules, and manage maintenance activities, the Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module ensures that businesses have complete control over their operations. The Odoo 16 Manufacturing Module is a crucial tool for any manufacturing industry as it helps to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall profitability of the business.

Odoo's Manufacturing module provides a comprehensive solution for managing the manufacturing processes of a company. It offers features like production planning, tracking of work orders, bills of materials, and routing, as well as advanced features like scrap management, unbuilding, byproducts, and maintenance requests. Odoo's Manufacturing module provides more unique and advanced features compared to other ERP solutions like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. These features help in effectively managing the complexity of production and streamlining the manufacturing process to increase efficiency and productivity.

The Odoo Manufacturing module offers advanced features like MRP II scheduler, Master production scheduler, and Kanban Planning, which help to streamline production processes and improve efficiency. With its integration with the Inventory and Costing and Pricing modules, businesses can manage stock levels and calculate accurate costs and prices for manufactured products.

The production dashboard provides real-time information on production status, capacity utilization, and order progress, while work centres allow for effective management of production lines and work orders. The barcode scanning feature and mobile access capabilities make it easier to track and manage production processes from anywhere, at any time. Overall, the Odoo Manufacturing module provides a complete and integrated solution for the manufacturing industry.

To its core features, the Odoo Manufacturing module also includes maintenance management capabilities, allowing businesses to effectively manage equipment and machines used in production. The module provides advanced scheduling options, such as backward scheduling and a production calendar, to optimize production processes and improve overall efficiency. The Manufacturing module can be easily customized to match specific business processes and requirements, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of industries. With the ability to assign different levels of users, the module allows for effective collaboration and communication between different departments and stakeholders. Overall, the Odoo Manufacturing module is a robust and reliable tool for managing and optimizing production processes, delivering real-time information, and providing businesses with the insights they need to make informed decisions.

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