Odoo-with the business makes it simple. The Odoo Experience 2019, Odoo13 was introduced to us, which made it easier for the users. Now its the time for higher expectations on this October 2020. Odoo had showcased the roadmap for the latest version Odoo14, which gives us a snapshot of upcoming Odoo14 features. 


Some of the Odoo14 expected features are:

1)Save Employees Time
Odoo is primarily focused on Save Time for the users like during the entering and/or processing of documents – in Accounting, Stock Transfers, Sale Orders etc.

2)Cross-App Integration  
Odoo stands out for its cross-app integration.Enhanced/improved Cross-App Integration will be one of the new features in Odoo14. For example, integrating eCommerce and Rental apps, Documents with any other apps or Email templates with Studio. This can improve efficiency and saves a lot of time for the users.

3)More Smart Warnings
Odoo14 is coming up with smart warnings in the current set of features with Odoo Autobot. For example, the users will get activities to complete like – “Please update the Delivery date of this Sales Order; after the replenishment (Purchase or Manufacturing) is pushed back.”

4)Framework Changes
Framework Refactoring for smoother performances. Odoo14 will be coming up with reworked Javascript, ORM, and Python, thus end performance will be greatly improved.

Odoo14 will introduce the following features in:


Some of the upcoming features in-studio are:

Quicker Object Creation-

To make it easier for the user while building a new app, a new feature has been added in Odoo14, like Pick Options. It will be having presets of widgets like Dates, Contacts, Tags, etc. This will be a way for the user to just picture which options he wants to use in the new app. For example, if the Date is checked it gives a date range widget. This is a way to showcase what is possible to use for the faster creation of the app.

Customizable Approval Flow-

Another feature coming up with the studio is setting up different approval rules for specific actions. Approval rules are quite specific for a company. So you can set up different rules before an action is done. For example, you can set up different rules before actually posting an accounting entry. Maybe you can have three people checking the post button before the entry is posted. 

 Computed Fields / Custom Buttons-

To make it more friendly, Odoo14 has a new feature of making computed fields and buttons actually customizable for the users. 


Quick widgets all way around the navigation to save a lot of time for the users is a major update showcased in the roadmap of Odoo14 for Accounting.                              

  Website Builder & eCommerce

Odoo also has a big focus on Website Builder and eCommerce in version 14. This includes: 

Revamping Building Blocks:           

50 blocks will be available for 25-themes.Header/Footer of the websites and all the widgets will be 100% customizable by Odoo14. So it makes easier for theme customization improved reporting on visitors to your website and moreover, there will be page privacy/visibility. And you can have improved shop page configuration in Odoo14. 

Localization is also focused on Odoo14. 

Business Intelligence

BI is one of the big key features that come up with Odoo14. For example, with Spreadsheet Pivot that enables you to add columns, lines, and formulas through a pivot table in the system so that you can come up with reports, that will be automatically updated next time.

The second phase of BI is focused on working on Visuals/Dashboards and Ranking Reports. It can give an overview of all your reports like Logistics, Sales, and Accounts that would allow you to find the bottom and focus on it to make business more efficient.

These updates are generally user-based and also the feedback they receive from the respective customers. Besides, Odoo does have a great team of R&D cell which also takes an active part in improving and updating the current Odoo ERP & CRM software. These were some of the upcoming features that were discussed in the roadmap of Odoo 14. If you have any requirements be it migrating from older to new Odoo 13, or the very new Odoo implementation, Odox Soft Hub can help you with that.

Odox Soft Hub is a leading developer in Odoo. Get in touch with us at info@odoxsofthub.com for more information. To explore more about us feel free to get in touch with us


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