What is Odoo ?

ERP (Enterprise resource planning) is a tool for integrating and managing all the operations related to a business. Investing in the right ERP can result in increased profit and productivity. 

           Odoo formerly known as Open ERP is an open-source enterprise resource planning software that includes business modules such as Sales, CRM, Human Resource, Accounting, POS, Purchase, Inventory, and many more. Apart from this more than 16,000 apps or plugins are available in Odoo app store. Odoo has now become one of the widely used ERP software in the market. Its popularity has many factors to rely on. Odoo is open-source which makes it highly customizable. One can access the source code and modify it to make changes as per the requirements. Another factor that differentiates Odoo from other ERP software is its modular architecture. You have complete freedom to select the modules most relevant to your business and implement those. There is no need to install the entire software. That way you can reduce the cost of implementation. In Odoo you can set up access rules so that access can be restricted to persons accordingly. This ensures security. Odoo is scalable and can be used by businesses of any size even though it mainly targets small and medium-sized organizations.


Features of Odoo:

  • Customizable 

  • User-friendly 

  • Scalable 

  • Open-source 

  • Powerful community

  • Cost-effective 

  • Easy migration


The developer mode in Odoo is one of the significant features that allow access to the technical features of Odoo. With the developer, mode activated you get more control over the Odoo database.

Odoo is available in many versions, Odoo version 14 being the latest one. Odoo is mainly available in two editions, the community edition which is completely free and the enterprise edition which is paid. Compared to the community edition, the enterprise edition offers many advanced features and apps.

Odoo has a powerful open-source community consisting of Odoo developers, partners and consultants aiming to make the platform better for its users. Every year Odoo releases a new version with more advanced features.

Nowadays businesses in many industries use Odoo. Odoo fits with Manufacturing companies, Training companies, R&D companies, Marketing companies, etc. Odoo being a comparatively small software is easy to understand and comprehend. It can successfully manage many critical business operations and increase productivity, enhance sales and automate processes.

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