Each time, when Odoo releases its updations, it always eases up the tasks for its users.Odoo13 with its distinct feature of the Skill Management module helps you to manage your team and make better decisions. Odoo skill management module provides your organization with a structured approach to find a suitable employee for a particular task. Say, for example, You have a task on Odoo implementation and there are many employees working in your organization. You need to find how much every employee posses python and odoo implementation skills than? This is where the Skill Management module helps in providing a solution to make proper decisions to get the best suitable employee who is fit for this job role as per the skill set he posses.

This blog tells you how the Skill management module is an add-on to the employee module in Odoo. Firstly, you need to install the skill management module from Odoo Apps.

After installing the skill management module,there will be an extra tab ‘Resume’ visible in the employee profile like below. Create a new employee in the employee module of Odoo by



Add the employee details like employee name, department, work contact details, job position, tags(like an employee, trainer, etc) and email, etc. The resume section is where you could add the previous experiences and education as well as skills. 

Initially, we have to create ‘Resume Line Types’ before we create a new entry in resume details. For this switch to developer mode and take

Employee >Configuration >Resume >Types >Create


Add a resume line type and hit save. Now enter resume details by clicking on ‘Create new entry’ in the Resume section of the employee profile. It will take you to another popup as shown below, where you can enter the title, type, start date, and end date.If we don’t choose an end date, it indicates ‘current’.


Likewise,you can create your whole resume details like Education, Experience, Training, Hobbies, etc.
Resume details view would look like this:


Now let’s see how to add skills. Before creating a new entry in skills,if we want to add a new skill type we have to switch to developer mode and create ‘Skill type’ by Employee >Configuration >Employee >Skills. This opens a window having all existing skill types


We can create a skill type by clicking ‘Create’


The Name refers to the skill type  title. Then with ‘add a line’ we can add skills and create levels under Skills and Levels respectively. On clicking ‘add a line’ in levels, it will show a popup to enter the level name and its progress value.


Now we can create a new entry under Skills in the Resume section of employee profile. On clicking on ‘Create new entry’


It shows a popup to enter Skill Type, Skill, Skill level. While choosing the skill level its corresponding progress value will be shown.


You can add multiple skills by choosing ‘save & new’.After adding the skills and resume lines, the Resume section under Employee profile will look like this


This is how we create resume details with skill sets by using the Skill management module in Odoo. 

Basically, this feature is really helpful when you need to filter your employees based on their skills.  The custom filter provides the option to add conditions with skills and resume lines.

Thus skill management module helps you to know the employees better and make your HR management hassle-free.

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