Odoo vs SAP


Odoo ERP and SAP, two ERP solutions that are presented in the market for a long time. Before choosing one among them, let us take a look into the important features of these two applications.

Odoo is an open-source ERP software and it is one of the fast-growing ERP systems with advanced features and lasted versions. Odoo is available in two editions, the Odoo community and the Odoo enterprise edition. Odoo community edition is completely free of cost, and Enterprise Edition requires nominal payment. Odoo was presented earlier in the market than SAP. SAP was the main player having the greatest share in the ERP market. SAP was mainly used by large business organizations. Even though its implementation and maintenance costs were pretty high. Due to this high cost, SAP is not affordable to small-scale organizations. Therefore, now Odoo is highly accepted by small and medium-sized organizations. 




Replacing SAP with Odoo


                   Odoo comes up with different business apps and modules to manage various business functions. Odoo is a highly customizable ERP software suitable for all kinds of businesses. Odoo ERP can be used conveniently for industries like health care, education, manufacturing and logistics. Website development, event management, accounting and human resources management become simple with the Odoo ERP system. It is possible to access Odoo Community Edition without any license fee. Both the Odoo Community edition and enterprise edition get updates every year. Its updated features and high flexibility make it one of the best ERP platforms for small and medium-sized enterprises. Odoo Community edition includes all the basic functionalities required for a business to function the basic operations of a business. It is also possible to customize Odoo for all types of business operations. The customizability feature helps to reduce the cost and increase efficiency.



In recent years the growth rate of Odoo has been increased more than 60% per year, which is powerful. Odoo has gained 7 million users in the last couple of years. 


Odoo is a complete suite of business management systems, it offers much more than just ERP functions or solutions do. 



In long run, Odoo will be available with more cost-effective licensing offers. Compared to SAP the implementation costs are significantly lower without sacrificing quality or service. 


User Interface

Odoo is equipped with a simple user-friendly interface. All information about each work step, each order, and each assigned employee are displayed in a clear and structured manner.


Technical Quality

Odoo has always been a platform of excellent technical quality. Nevertheless, this aspect is also improved with each new version. In the open-source software market, Odoo is considered the favorite because of this.



To conclude, both SAP and Odoo have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the affordability and adaptability of Odoo make it the most preferred choice for all types of businesses. This affordability without surrendering the quality is the future of Odoo in the ERP industry. There should be many factors to be considered while choosing ERP software. The Company goals and objectives, Functional software requirements, User support, assimilation of integrating with existing systems, Budget and resources, Customization feature, Technological advancement are some of these. You must make a decision considering these factors. A well-experienced and trustworthy ERP implementation company will help you to choose the best solution for your business needs. Being one of the best ERP service providers in India Odox Softhub will help you to solve the complexities in ERP selection. For more information mail us at info@odoxsofthub.com.























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