Odoo is one of the fastest-growing ERP software with 7 million users. Odoo has been a thriving topic among ERP users. It is highly accepted by small and medium-sized organizations with its significant characteristics like user-friendliness, high customizability, and reliability. Each year Odoo comes up with new features which enhance business and make the system more feasible and advanced. In each version, additional features and modules are added which make the system updated. 

In the previous version i.e. Odoo15, we have seen additional features such as Editable graph and pivot view, HTML Editor, Point Of Sale Coupons And Promotions, Cover image for project tasks, etc. 


In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the expected features in Odoo 16 which will be released most probably in the month of October 2022.  

Expected features in Odoo 16 

  • Odoo is planning to launch a new app "Knowledge". The application helps to centralize all the pieces of information in an organization. Inspired by Wiki, Notion, and internal Odoo knowledge base which is integrated with Chatter and can be accessed while completing workflows. A new article can be created, linked together, structured, and share with different departments. The knowledge module can be totally integrated with the rest of the Odoo apps.  

  • Advanced Website builder melded both backend and frontend in a single view. All options presented are customizable. Faster and more advanced than before.  

  • Coupons and promotions programs come up with a unified system compared to the older one and will be available in all Odoo apps. Refactored coupons, promotions, gift cards, loyalty points, and e-wallets to support more use cases and unify the approach across eCommerce, Point of Sale, and Sale Orders. New features such as Easier analysis & Tracking reports and Advanced customization will be added to the new version. 

  • The subscription app merged with the sales order to simplify management. 

  • A Chatbot with multi-choice questions and a decision tree. Connected with the main actions create a lead or ask for an email etc. 


New features in Odoo modules;


  • New bank reconciliation widget with all the entries and reconciliation screen. Multi-currency matching. Accounting imports: easy switching to Odoo accounting includes contracts, COA, and Entries. 

  • New Journal audit report with improved readability and VAT useful information.  

  • Enhancements in assets: A more advanced asset with easier cancellation, better UX, and accurate computations.

  • Credit Limit: warning on quotations/ sale orders & invoice

  • OCR for customer invoice. Separate settings for customer invoices are specially designed for the accounting firm. 

  • Intra stat reports.

  • Various improvements in E-invoicing Factrux, Peppol, Invoice, EHF, Fattural PA. Vies Validation and E-commerce. 


  • Redesigned the Appointments with a much clear and more advanced screen. New back-end with better onboarding and more visibility.

  • Email Marketing: Create a new mailing by starting from one you previously save. Change the global attributes of a mailing all at once. Import contacts in your database by copying and pasting email addresses. Perf improvements when switching between saving and edits. 


  • Force backorder: compare to the Odoo 15 the worker can automate the backorder in the new version. Often inexperienced users press ‘cancel’ when asked if they want to create a backorder. That creates a mess with the orders that are not easy to detect. It’s now possible to force this at the operation type level. 

  • Improved shipping methods: The new version focus on helping local shipping companies to improve their shipping methods. Odoo 16 Enhanced postcode filter on the shipping method that allows prefixes. Also, allow adding text with dedicated shipping/pick-up instructions in the order confirmation emails. 

  • Automated batches: Batches are created automatically based on settings on the operation type. So that the user can group automatically transfers per contact, carrier, destination country, or source/destination location. Limit the size of batch per move line, transfer, or weight.

  • GS1 labels for lots and packages: Print the Data Matrix code for each product in the package content. Contains product barcode, Quantity, Lot/SN, dates, weight, Print package labels in a data matrix containing SSCC, packaging date, and weight. Print finished products labels in a data matrix containing product, SN/Lot/weight, etc.

  • Replenishment visibility days: The main issue faced earlier with replenishment is It’s hard to do just in time as future replenishments are not visible soon enough. The new version comes up with a solution to add field “visibility days” which will act as a ‘days to purchase’ setting but at replenishment line level.

  • Scan package: From the main menu - scan the package to view its content. From transfers list - scan package to filter transfers

  • Pick and Count: When the count is required for a product at a location, add an icon on the moving line. Click the icon to change the quantity.

  • Force scan: Some warehouse workers are not very skilled: it happens they pick the wrong product in the wrong location. Allow on each operation type to select what is mandatory to scan and what is not.


  • Call for tender: Allow to make the call for tender on the fly: create alternatives to an original RFQ. Compare easily the different alternatives. Simplifies the model. 

  • Receipt/Delivery status in PO & SO

Shipping connectors 

  • Shipping insurance: Allow defining the percentage of the value of your content you want to get insurance. Works with UPS, FedEx, DHL, Easy post. 

  • Commercial invoice: Commercial invoice content sent electronically to UPS, DHL, FedEx, and easy pay. This helps carriers by transmitting all information directly to customers to ease the process. Added country of origin on products as it is required for commercial invoices (company country sent as default)

  • Choosing pickup location: Be able to change the pickup location in e-commerce. Currently work on UPS, working on FedEx, and DHL.

HR& Sign 

  • Sign: Option to refuse sign

  • Change the person for a role after the request has been sent.

  • Time off: Define “stress days” where employees are not allowed to take holidays. Delete a Time Off from the dashboard (sometimes even if it’s already approved). Find the allocations and leaves linked to a Time Off type. See the validity date of your available days. New stress days, where leaves are not allowed for employees. Options delete time off from the dashboard. 

  • Approvals: Determines sequence among approvers

  • Employees: Report on all employee skills. Add signature requests wizard to plans


  • Split and merge manufacturing orders 

  • Allocation report for manufacturing

  • Subcontracting portal

  • Planning Revamp: Define which operations of your manufacturing order should be done in sequence and which one should be done in parallel. Use the Gantt view to visualize and review these operation dependencies. Tablet view Revamp Redesign of the tablet view UI+UX with employee login/out possibilities like in POS.

Other Features:

  • Project Scoreboard: Track the profitability of the project. 

  • Sign eIDAS integration

  • Stripe Connect3 

  • Rental Online

  • Studio: approvals dashboard

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