Management of colleges and other educational institutions at any level requires unending efforts and manual support. The entry of specialized ERPs in the education sector has, however, started bringing in changes in the college management field. Data collection and management, safe storage, and stress-free report preparation are the specialties of Odoo College Management.

From the admission process to interviews, attendance management, timetable setting, and examinations, everything becomes simpler with Odoo College Management ERP. The Odoo solution focus on endless scope for optimization and enhancement. Odoo offers a single point solution, the best possible with an alert support system. 

Library management, maintenance management comes under a single unit with the arrival of Odoo and have decrease paperwork tremendously. The software can be built and customized according to each college/school requirements.

Here we have jotted some of the features that make Odoo stands out from other ERPs.

Data Management

During admission, campus placement, and other crucial stages data can make a simple work hectic, causing data overload. Odoo ERP manages data collection, migration, and other related works in an efficient way.

With different heads and subheads, proper use of content management system, and efficient mechanism for categorizing data, the data management feature of Odoo College Management ERP helps your arrange data in a perfect way. 

Safety of Valuable Data

The safety of the collected data is a concern for many colleges and schools. Odoo College Management Solutions have features to safeguard and manage data of kind. The stored data remain safe and can be accessed from anywhere with the support of the access codes. The management and others who can get access to the data will be able to frequently analyze the process and bring in necessary editing whenever required.

Odoo being open software provides better security than the proprietary applications as the security aspect is tested in multiple levels.

Easy Management Of Admission 

The admission process is one of the toughest tasks for every institution. It is a tedious task for the management from inviting applications to the selling of application forms and from receiving the application to sorting the form are laborious.

The categorization of applications based on the skill level and qualification of the applicant. Moving application to different sections for department wise selection and admission procedures also becomes easy with Odoo ERP. 

One of the most important features of Odoo College Management ERP is the easy admission process. With Odoo College Management ERP, the update on an application sold status, the application received status and the sorting of applications become automated. 

The listing of the candidates based on eligibility and setting the priority list also become simple. The systematized filing of student data for departmental level interviews will be much simpler with ERP. 

Documentation of Student Records Turns Simple

Odoo College Management ERP, which specialized in document management offers the best result. All the collected documents along with the details of the selected candidates get transferred automatically to the student records with less effort. Very litte data entry work is required for completing all these processes.

Easy Categorization of Different Departments

Easy categorization of different departments makes an important part of the ERP and this can be effective by categorizing the department efficiently. 

The listing of the teaching staff of each department, different sections, and time tables and functional details categories under the support of Odoo College Management ERP. The categorization of different departments helps to smooth the operation of all the departments. The use of  ERP helps to systematize the operation of each and every department and ease the management by the monitoring wing. 

Management of Fee Collection

The management of all documents related to fee collection in an easy to avail type makes the fee collection management easier. The ERP application list out the pending lists gives out the auto-generated alerts to students for fee payment and identifies all details with a click. Repeated alerts about the fee filing date and other related documentation of fee structure with a single click make it easy to use.

Special System for Attendance Management

Various types of attendance management systems can be integrated with the ERP to match the existing mode of operation of the institutions.

All attendance details, including the hours spent on learning, get entered in the attendance sheet in the Odoo College Management ERP. This helps the college management to keep a tab on the performance of the students.

 Facility for Incorporating Assignment and Projects

With the modern system of education, assignments and projects play a crucial role in reviewing the knowledge level of the students. The students can easily file the assignments and projects through the online platform and get them assessed quickly. The faster submission of academic works, the facility to constantly monitor the systemic submission and other aspects of the work, review the improvement becomes simpler now.

Assessment Management 

Scheduling an assessment timetable for a university or college is time-consuming work which can be solved by Odoo College Management ERP. The examination management and exam calendar preparation are quickly done than before. Assigning the examination to enter the marks, preparing the exam question paper, and getting approval for the exam dates and question papers can be done with a few steps.

The ERP offers a system to manage all examination related documents for further reference. The reference material could be of use even on the internal and external verifications and for audits in the future.

Score Management and Certification

The conduct of the examination alone will not complete the exam process. Score management is another required task that is directly related to the examination. 

The ERP offers the best score management and certification facility that will suit your college or institution. The score for all exams, assignments, projects, and other activities can be entered and managed without any concern.

The special feature helps the teacher and the management to constantly review the learning pattern of all the students. The score sheet and progress chart help for the final review and certification for each student.

Certification favors certifying the skill and talent of every student at various levels. Activities and participation can be reviewed and certified without intervening with human beings. All student-related data will be available within a click and this helps quickly the certification process.

Time Table Preparation 

Integrating different departments, the time tables for the modules are prepared to avoid ambiguous issues. The time-consuming process becomes a simple task with Odoo College Management ERP as it depends on the already provided data on the availability of teachers and facilities for creating the timetable. Resetting time table and sending time table alert to the students also done within minutes through the Odoo College Management ERP.

Regular Communication with Students

An important feature of Odoo College Management ERP is the possibility of timely communication with and among the student community. Apart from teacher to student communication, which is an ongoing process, the management t student communication is enabled in the system.

The communication from different sections including libraries, accounts, and departments can also be updated managed, and enabled. This helps the students to stay alert about all operations, fee filing dates, special activities, timetable changes, and other necessary information.

Library Management

With a large number of books including fiction, non-fiction and academic books, proper management of the library system is crucial place to avoid misplacing and mismanagement of books. The ERP application lets the library management to get a clear idea about the information of every book.

The books received by the students, the books for reference purposes, and other documents can also be managed without any  difficulty. The simple way of library managment also helps to avoid the loss of books and damage to books.

The demand for new books can also be updated in the system based on student requrement. The financial management for library purchases can be carried out wth ease through College Management ERP.

Transportation Management

Transportation management is a hectc task for all educational institutions including colleges. The ERP provides a solution for transportation management by offering features to add the details of vehicles used for student transportation, personal details of the driver and other employees of the vehicle, student travel details, and transportation charges. Montoring the movement of the vehicle also ensures the safety of students. 

Faculty Management

With a number of teaching and non-teaching staff, and education institution requires a proper staff management facility. The ERP system can manage and monitor almost everything from the appointment of staff members to payment of salary, leave management, classroom activities.

 Auto Generation of Reports on Student Performance

The success of a student in an academic career and real-life takes the institution to the helm. Continuous  valuation of the performance of students is the key factor that helps the management improves their academic standards. 

Odoo College Management ERP helps to auto-generate reports on student performance helping the teacher and the management to stay connected. These reports improve the academic level as well as the activity level of the particular student.

Staff Performance Review System

Easy to handle staff performance review facility is one o the main feature of  Odoo College Management ERP. Student ratings, feedbacks, classroom performance, and module handling, and other aspects of a teacher can be constantly reviewed through the ERP system. 

 Hostel Management

Management of hostel for students and accommodation facility for teaching and non-teaching staff is a lot easier through the system. The student strength of hostels, availability of rooms, facilities offered and other details are accessible at single step , by customizing the ERP  system accordingly.

The requirement of the students can be reviewed and rooms can be allotted accordingly. Hostel fee payment and management and quality management also become efficient with Odoo College Management ERP.

Scheduling of Programs and Observances

Scheduling of seminars, webinars, cultural fests, and other activities systematically, is possible at any time. Likewise, non-academic program scheduling can also be managed by the system and the status of the programs can be updated.

Accounts Management

As all entries are completed at different levels with ease the compilation of account details including fee payment, transportation sums, library charges, salary payment, maintenance sums, and other amounts become faster. Managing the maintenance cost and repair work can be done by sending approval requests for work and online generation of approval.

The generation of graphic reports of expenses and revenue, preparation of charts to represent the financial area of the institution becomes less complex, and  Internal and external auditing becomes a quick task with Odoo College Management ERP. 

Easy Management of Network Of Institutions

College Management ERP offers assistance to ensure the smooth functioning of network institutions rather than a single college or school, making ERP a suitable option for universities also with some optimization process. 

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