One of the traits that differentiate Odoo from Other ERP software is, its components are separated and can be integrated together to form a single ERP Solution. The reason why odoo ERP is termed as modular architecture is because of this reason where you can add or replace any components and can customize accordingly. We can see any modules in odoo where it is said that there are 35 base Odoo modules and is specifically crafted for different organizations and the functions include Accounting, Inventory, and Manufacturing, Sales, eCommerce, HR Management, and extra.

As a user, this offers you quite a few strengths for your implementation. You can select the desired programs which are mostly applicable to your business and can increase the productivity and management of your organization. The modules can functionally together make a single ERP system, where all the modules are integrated to form a single system.

You can select the required modules for your organization which helps to reduce the cost of buying unrelated modules and can be cost-effective. Since Odoo ERP contain different modules for different purposes like marketing, sales, accounting, inventory, it is possible to give access rights to corresponding employee for each module. This can be restricted using Odoo features which is the most highlighted advantage of Odoo ERP. This will help you to unauthorized accessing of data by different employees in your organization.

As a user, this gives you a lot of freedom in your implementation. You can select the applications most relevant to your business specifications and purchase and implement those. The modules all work functionally together, giving you access to one cohesive ERP system.

Furthermore, you can set up access rules so employees only have access to the sections relevant to them (e.g. marketing has access to marketing modules, salespeople to sales, accountants to accounting, etc.), improving security for your system. Checkout Odoo Services by Odox to get a detailed view of what we offer for your business growth.

Listed the most important modules which can be used for an organization to increase productivity. 

Odoo Accounting

  • Multi-company, multi-currencies, multi analytic axes

  • Real-time consolidation of multiple charts of accounts

  • Very good ergonomy for fast encoding of entries and invoices

  • An integrated analytic/cost accounting

  • Lots of customizable reports.

  • Avoid re-encoding everything, all documents are pre-generated

  • Accountants decisions may have an impact on the whole system

  • Cross reporting with other modules.

Odoo CRM

  • Automatic incoming and outgoing email processing using the mail gateway

  • A generic and fully customizable system,

  • A configuration wizard to help you set-up it as per your requirements.

  • Integrated with the enterprise calendars,

  • Integrated with sales, purchases, and after-sales services,

  • Get your enterprise processes running through workflows.

Odoo Logistics

  • Easy to create multi-warehouses with locations.

  • The inventory controlling is powerful and flexible because of double-entry management

  • Keep track of stock movements between warehouses (from where goods are coming in and going out).

  • Can be integrated with the stock module.

Odoo Sales

          • Complete follow-up and control of sales orders, deliveries and invoicing

          • Traceability of all customers operations

          • Integrated with the point of sales.

          • Automatic accounting (financial and analytic) entries creation.

          • Integrated with contracts, projects, master production schedule.

          • Integrated with different e-commerce platforms for online selling.

          • Design templates of re-usable offers with the report designer.

          • Get all information needed by the salesman to do his quote on one screen

          Odoo Project Management

          • Based on the analytic accounting

          • Fully integrated with human resources for cost control

          • Integration Benefits:

          • Planning automatically impacts budgets and treasury

          • Tasks and timesheets are fully integrated

          • Sales orders and tasks control are integrated

          Odoo Human Resource

          • Validation system included

          • Personalized menu for each user

          • Follow up of profitability for each project

          • Integrated to analytics accounting

          • Integrated with accounting for automatic invoicing

          • Possibility to get invoices per customer

          • Dashboards and reports included

          Ready to get started? Odox SoftHub can instantly help you. Our firm is an ERP implementation company that has worked with Odoo for a couple of years. We’ve implemented solutions for businesses across the globe and can help you as well.

          We also have the ability to customize your Odoo modules. We can create or customize features for your unique requirements. We can also integrate other software with Odoo, as well as help with data migrations, upgrades, training, and support.

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