Odoo 15- Sales Module

Sales, or the sales department, can be seen as the backbone of an organization. The sales department plays a major role in a company’s growth and upliftment. Sales Module in Odoo formerly known as Open ERP is considered as one of the key modules since it allows you to control your entire Sales department on a single screen.

Every year Odoo astonishes everybody with the launches of new versions of Odoo. In the previous version i.e. Odoo14, we have seen additional features in the Sales module like Next activity, Forecast report, etc. Now Odoo is ready to release its 15th edition with many more jaw-dropping features and updates in the Sales module.


  • Mark Product as Favorite

In Odoo 15 you can mark a product as a Favorite. users can quickly select something as one of their favorite items, immediately putting it onto a separate “Favorites” list. Typically, there's a star icon that shows in the products list view and this allows the end-user to quickly toggle something and add it to the favorites list. Users can also filter their favorite products.


  • Create a Product as Gift Card 

Odoo 15 provides an option to convert a product to a gift card. This allows selling gift cards on eCommerce. This feature can be seen on the product detail page.


  • Manage Ribbons for Products in Odoo Website

Odoo 15 includes a feature to add product ribbons in Odoo e-commerce. This helps to Display dynamic ribbons in e-commerce product pages. This feature can be found under the e-commerce tab on the product detail page.


  • New Updated Unit of Measure view

In Odoo 15 Sales module users can add UoM in particular Units and categories through Add line in UoM. Additionally, if you want to add more units of measure then also it can be added in the line.


The sales module in Odoo helps to ideally manage sales with easy quotations, accurate forecasts, integrated e-commerce, recurring billing, and much more. Odoo Sales Module is particularly adapted for small and medium-sized companies to manage all their processes in terms of sales, purchases, stocks, and accounting

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