Odoo have become a trend among the ERP users and geeks, solving many drawbacks that other ERP platforms lack. User-friendly, fast, reliable, and efficient ERP support for small business is the highlight of Odoo. The complete ERP solution apt for several industries, improves constantly with eery new release of new versions.

Odoo releases the new versions each year with many new features and extensions, improving the ERP functionalities and helping business growth. Last year, the Odoo ERP solutions for various industries, which is constantly switching to a fresh version every year with many more updated features have switched to version 14 with many attractive features and widgets in various modules. The Odoo Experience 2020 held in a 2-day online event on  September 30th to October 1st 2020 released the Odoo14 version.

 Odoo is an open-source software solution which gives the easiest and fastest solution to all business-related queries and requirements, and the arrival of Odoo 14 have given a boost to all business sectors which are depending on the ERP software solutions for improving their businesses. Odoo concentrates on the improvement of existing features during the release of the new version and takes feedback of the Odoo users for the same. Apart from introducing more new and sophisticated features, Odoo offers improvements and enhancements on the existing features. 

The Odoo is yet to  unveil the new version this year: Odoo15, following the record of releasing a new version every year of Odoo. As Odoo users are always eager to know what Odoo might come up with its next version every year. There are lot of discussions going among the users and developers  on the new versions.

As per some sources, Odoo 15 will be coming with lot of improvements in various areas like, a new import screen with much more enhancements, a new menu to manage cash roundings in Accounting. 

The new field introduced in Accounting ‣Configuration ‣ Management ‣ Cash roundings section for the invoices. On the customer invoices, the new field can help one to simply choose one of the rounding methods created previously.The Odoo 15 is expected to have another feature that can help users to edit and change the Pivot views and Graph views using Odoo studio.

With more Enhancements and improvements Odoo is stepping forward with lot more specialities and becoming a best choice among the industrialists for their business gain. Hoping for many more versions from Odoo to improvise the ERP software minimising even the less concerned flaws.

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