Every organization needs employees who are energetic and motivated, to elevate the productivity of the firm. Employee motivation is a factor that helps to attain work tasks and goals in the shortest time. There are various reasons to get motivated, which differs from person to person.

Odoo has come up with a specific module that dedicates to motivate and evaluate each user, by setting up certain goals and rewards. 

The Gamification module in the Odoo which is inbuilt can be installed from Apps. The module helps to set goals and objectives for a group of selected users and evaluate each member by comparing it with other team members or by attaining given challenges at a specified time period.

How to install Gamification?
Search for the Gamificationmodule in the Apps menu. You will get the result as shown below.


1) Gamification is the core module

2) HR Gamification is a module for HR officers, who can manage the challenges and rewards. This module is exclusively for employees, where the received badges are displayed on the user profile of the particular employee.

3) CRM Gamification is a module for managing goals and challenges related to CRM/Sales modules.
Install the required modules for HR Gamification ie., HR Gamification and Gamification modules.
You can find Settings>GamificationTools in CRM.

The Gamification Tools consist of,

Challenges: Game challenges are created by the responsible person to their team members. It can have a goal/set of goals to achieve by the participants in the specified time period. We can,
  • Set a Challenge Name

  • Assign a challenge to a particular set of employee

  • Set a responsible person for this challenge

  • Set time period and the periodicity of the challenge

  • Add goals and configure as per the need

  • Set rewards and badges


Here, we have a challenge named Monthly Sales Targets, with 3 employees participating. The goals with goal definitions and rewards with badges are set below. After creating the Challenge, start the challenge by clickingStart Challenge”. 

The created challenge will be displayed among the other Running Challenges, as shown below:

Goals: By selecting Settings>GamificationTools>Goals, Each employee assigned with specific goals will be displayed. We can get the status of completion of each task assigned by selecting a specific employee.


Goal Definitions in Gamification Tools helps to create or configure the existing goals, we can configure goal description, Computation mode, Model, Filter domain, and Goal Performance mode as shown below.


Badges: The Settings>Gamification Tools>Badges are granted to the employee who performs well in the challenges. These badges are given in tasks that cannot be analyzed numerically. We can create or import new badges, which totally depends on the challenge responsible member.

The Badges reflect in the user profile of the employee as shown below.


The simplest and valuable way of rewarding the employee for the work they have done is carried out in this process of gamification. The employee evaluation will not be a burden for any HR who uses Odoo as their management software in the firm.
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