How To Sell Digital Products In Odoo


Are you looking for a platform where you could sell your e-goods like webinars, articles, e-books, video tutorials, images? Odoo really has something that could ease your task and manage your online business flawlessly. Together with Odoo’s eCommerce module and digital products module, you can start the sale of your e-goods in a fraction of seconds. Now in this blog let’s detail, how you could sell digital products in the eCommerce platform of Odoo.
Firstly, you need to install the Digital Products module along with the eCommerce module of Odoo.

In order to sell our e-goods, we need to publish it on our website, before that first we need to create the products. For this you have to go to Sales->Products->Create. Fill all the required details like product name, sale price, category, etc as you need. Since we are going to add digital products, after filling the details click on the smart button Digital Files.

While clicking on the smart button it will redirect you to another form view to add the digital file contents.

Give the required details like name, type (you can choose URL for the video or the file for the document) and upload your file that you want to publish on the website, and also select the website of yours from the drop-down on which you need to publish it. Then hit Save to get a digital product as shown below.

Now if we check the website, we could see the digital product we have added recently appeared along with other products.

Make it published by the toggle button so that the customers of your website could see and shop it as below

Now customers of your shopping site can view the digital product as below :


Customers can sign-in and purchase our digital product. Only after authorizing payment, customer can download the digital product from their portal. Like every shopping site, customers need to sign in, add it to the cart, and initiate the payment.

  Now if the customer checks his portal My Account, a Quotation has been created. Once the administrator confirms the Quotation and creates the Sale order with payment has been done, the invoice is generated and sent back to the customer portal. Thus the customer could enjoy the digital product only when the payment is done. To understand it more clearly, let’s log-in to the admin portal and confirm the order.

Signing in as administrator and clicking on Orders->Unpaid Orders you could see the order placed by your customer.

Once the administrator confirms the order and registered the payment made by the customer, the invoice is generated and it is sent to the customer portal as well as it is also placed in sale orders

Now if we check the customer portal, the customer can download the digital content from MyAccount->Sale Orders as shown below:



Thus the customer can get the digital product by clicking the Download button. This is how digital products are sold by using Odoo. It’s the most efficient and simple way to make your online business more streamlined. With Odoo you could manage your eCommerce website for digital products like images, video tutorials, e-books more easily. There will be no shipping/warehouse/stock overheads and moreover with fewer production cost you can reap high scale benefits.

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