Odoo’s unique feature of seamless integration makes it possible to collaborate with Google Apps. What makes google apps stand out is its integration capability with other applications. There is no doubt that google apps are the most reliable source of web applications. Odoo supports the feature of integration for google drive, google calendar, and google. Integrating Odoo with google apps allows users to manage their business in a more structured way.

Google drive
Steps to integrate your Odoo with google drive.

 Step 1:- Go to Settings –> General Settings


In General Setting choose the option Integration and tick Google drive, after that save the changes. Then we can see a link Set up a token, click on the link to generate the google authorization code. Then paste the code on the empty box and click on the link below the box to configure the template.


Step 2:   Create a new template

 After configuring the authentication code next step is creating a template with the following details

Template Name: The name of the template.
Model: Name the model to which the template is creating.
Template URLURL of the document in google drive to which odoo is linking
Google Drive Name Pattern: google document name

 Step 3: Linking to the google drive document

After creating the template, go to the project module (since the template is created for the model project ). Select the project option and choose one of the projects from the list. Now we can see the form view of the project, then select the action option from the top of the form, from the drop-down list click on the first one Project 1.

Clicking on the “Project 1” will lead us to the corresponding document in the google drive.

Google Calendar

Odoo is perfectly integrated with Google Calendar so that you can see & manage your meetings from both platforms.

Step 1: Go to Settings ‣ General Settings and tick the google calendar in the integration settings.


Step 2: To Generate google calendar API credentials

Click on the tutorial button which will take us to the tutorial document by odoo.
go to Google APIs platform and search for google calendar and enable the API.

 Step 3: Create credentials

After enabling the API for Google calendar we need to create a credential for using this API. 
Google APIs use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization. Google supports common OAuth 2.0 scenarios such as those for the webserver, client-side, installed, and limited-input device applications.

To create a Client ID. Enter the type of the application (e.g. web application) and the allowed pages on which you will be redirected. The Authorized JavaScript origin is your Odoo’s instance URL. The Authorized redirect URI is your Odoo’s instance URL followed by ‘/google_account/authentication’.


Finally, you are provided with your Client ID. Go to Credentials to get the Client Secret as well. Both of them are required in Odoo.

Step 4: Setup in Odoo

After Acquiring both keys, Go to Settings ‣ General Settings and enter your Client ID and Client Secret in Google Calendar option.


The setup is now ready. Open your Odoo Calendar and sync with Google. The first time you do it you are redirected to Google to authorize the connection. Once back in Odoo, click the sync button again. You can click it whenever you want to synchronize your calendar.

This is how google apps are integrated with Odoo. Google Drive integration allows you to organize the information in google documents that are easily be attached to models in Odoo. So by using Odoo, you could centralize your document management in a more simplified way.

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