Email marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing, used widely to reach out to diverse audiences. The companies can send long messages enclosing their links and promotional materials through email, which makes online marketing effective. 

Odoo has an incredible Marketing Management module that can take your business to next level and reap success in a very short period. Odoo helps to create your Online marketing campaign and reach as many people as possible in a very easy way. 

The application not only enables businesses to plan the outreach and promotional campaigns effectively but also measures the impact of the planning, hence helping to make use of the strategies efficiently.

We have jotted down a few of the benefits of using Odoo Email Marketing in any of your business. To get a detail on how email marketing works, go through our blog on Email Marketing in Odoo 13.

Easier Email Marketing

The Odoo mass mailing system allows sending emails to initiatives, opportunities, and clients by designing, delivering, and even managing the marketing campaigns as per the need. This may lead to a drastic increase in the lead conversion ratio known as ROI. Odoo makes the campaigns easier for professionals by making use of its features.

Professionally Designed Mails

You can create email templates and reuse the existing ones by just creating new content and a specific design for your newsletter. Odoo helps to import a database of leads or filter leads instantly, even the customer lists can be imported in a much simple way. You can optimize and increase the number of open emails by configuring multiple email servers with their IP / domains.

Organize Email Marketing Campaigns 

The statistics in real-time on the performance will give the overall progress of the campaigns. You will be able to know at all times the emails sent, received, opened, and answered. The campaign can be managed easily along with group discussions, leads conversions, and opportunities from a user-friendly software which customer-centric. And the management is possible from a single location without and hassle 

Integration with all other Odoo Applications

The email marketing can be combined with any other Odoo applications and access the mass mailing functions along with other functionalities. Create and send emails from the opportunities created in the Sales section; select marketing segments; post job offers and automate responses to requests; reuse email templates in marketing campaigns and also automate tasks assigned. The Odoo Apps social network module features the functionality of sending automatic responses to all email messages in the history segment. 

Database Cleaning

Odoo also manages to clean the database which improves the performance of the email marketing campaigns. It manages email bounce efficiently, creates alerts about error initiatives, and get statistics about the quality of all potential customers.

One-Click Sending Emails 

Marketing can never be this easier before! You can send email marketing campaigns with just a single mouse click to the users with their own prospects or documents. Select a few required docs like opportunities, technical support tickets, suppliers, customer lists, etc, and send the emails to the contacts with a simple click. Reuse the email templates that were created before or the sample ones that Odoo provides you. 


The conversation feature in Odoo email marketing allows you to contact and respond to the customer in a very effective way. You can even customize and automate the replies to your customers, So, follow the communication in your business documents within Odoo or directly via email. All negotiations and discussions are attached to the correct document. The respective managers are notified of relevant and important events that occur in the email threads.  

Appealing  Dashboard

The performance of email marketing campaigns can be analyzed through the dashboard in a simple way, and change the strategies of your campaigns to get more engagement among the users. Keep track of statistics by an email marketing campaign, bounce rate, emails sent, through the Dashboard of the software. The real-time and throughout performance can be displayed along with the control panel which can be understood by any non-technical person. 

Design target-specific campaigns

You can customize highly specialized campaigns by dividing your audience based on the specific strategies required. This aspect will significantly increase the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns. You can easily divide audience information and create groups or target clusters through the application.

Easily accessible 

The application uses the same layout and interface options across different gadgets, hence you can open it through any device without getting it messed up. The compatibility of Odoo’s marketing application with different software is the highlight of this software. The application will adapt to your screen and optimize your experience and make it more device-friendly.  

Full control over the campaign

Control over different features of the campaign ensures maximum the influence and effect of your plan. Through the Odoo Link tracker, helps t keep track of the performance in the dashboard, which can be easily generated by adding a single code to the campaign.  Moreover, the feature even analyzes your expected revenue against the revenue generation by the campaign by providing in-depth insights into the conversion rates.

The comprehensive and compact features make the Odoo email marketing app stand out from other ERP apps. The user can leverage and build new strategies and campaigns according to the previous feedback from the app.

The application gives its users the leverage to improve and build upon existing strategies. 

With the help of the Odoo marketing application, users can visualize the future of their firm by reaching to a wider customer base and expand the outreach of their business. Odox SoftHub can help in this regard by offering Odoo CRM customization and services that help to build a tailor made CRM platform for your business and add email marketing application that can help your business to grow. Odox can help you with its expert team in any regard to odoo consultation and services.


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