The 3-way matching in Odoo helps to determine if a vendor bill should be paid or not. This scenario mostly comes helpful when a vendor bill is received before the actual goods arrive. The feature allows us to check the data in the order, receipt and the vendor's bill are the same. By validating Purchase order, Vendor bill, and receipt simultaneously, it prevents customers from paying fake bills to the merchants.

If the 3-way matching is enabled, an extra field gets added in the bill to show the status of the bill, if the bill is paid or not.

We find three options here,

1. Should be paid – Yes, you have received the product as well.

2. Should be paid –No, if the products have not received yet

3. Should be Paid- Exception, if there is a mismatch in the data in the bill, order and received products.


Goto Purchase -> Configuration ->3-way matching

Let's check the scenarios with examples,
1. Create a Request For Quotation(RFQ). In the Vendor Bills ensure that the Control Policy is on received quantities.

In the created RFQ, we have requested 8 products, the next step is Receiving the product. Now skip it and create a bill and in the bill go to other information tab. 

We can see that here Should be paid status is ‘YES’ because in the bill the quantity is zero, as shown in the below images.


Now if we change the quantity in the bill (say quantity 6 here), then the status changes as ‘NO’ since we haven’t received any items.

The third status option Should be paid Exception indicates when there occurs an incomplete supply since the supplier has sufficient quantity in hand.

For example, let's create a new RFQ and  Receive half of the required quantities.

Then create a bill for the total required quantities. The status shows as an exception since there is an exception for the payment to the vendor.

If we want to manually change the status of the bill, we can do it by clicking the status that is available in the drop-down in Should be paid option.

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