For several factors, entrepreneurs are often torn between turning to professionals or Odoo freelancers when faced with the option of whether to use a freelancer or a professional to introduce Odoo ERP services. Not to worry, we have faced the need to make critical choices at one time or the other, we do not seem to understand its pros and cons, and this piece tries to help you understand better.

Imagine you're given the option to choose one out of the many gadget brands out there, naturally, for no other reason than your subconscious telling you that they are famous because they do everything right, your instincts will be to go with the well-known brand of the bunch. It may not be common for inferior goods to churn out, so you want to select them. Here the same thing applies. Years of reliable and quality services not only help to cultivate trust in consumers of such services but also place the service provider at the forefront of any list as decisions about them are made by other individuals.
You would accept that each project has its own unique feature and while there might be no correct or wrong response as to which of the two, your services should be implemented by a skilled Odoo partner or Freelancers, this piece will make your choice easy. Buckle up businessmen, here are some ideas to help you overcome your problem!

Specialization and Quality of Service

Quality services are the first thing anyone needs to make sure they get when hiring anyone to complete a process for them. You should be assured that you have a team of experts committed to giving you a special experience with an Odoo partner. At each point of the operation, some specialists have been tasked with the various levels needed, all with a wealth of information about the specific aspect they are tasked with. On the other hand, freelancers manage all the stages and you do not have the certainty you really want about their ability to handle each stage differently.
Although an Odoo partner assures you that when completing your service, the highest standards will be upheld, you can only cross your fingers with a freelancer, hoping they uphold official standards.It also goes without saying that you can be reduced to a research assistant with a freelancer because you want to help them do a good job, an Odoo partner, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to explore other fields of interest when managing their mission professionally (s).

Experience does matter!

Odoo professionals are not only held to a higher standard by the company, but they also have a better experience(s) working on similar services targeted to business owners like you and can apply the wealth of expertise acquired on the job to solve unique knowledge, unlike freelancers who in many cases have substantially less experience handling the various stages and peculiarities of specific services cases presented to them. Anyone can be knowledgeable, but we would all prefer to choose someone who has had the reason to apply their expertise constantly, thereby making them masters of their art!

Workflow is harmonized

Although freelancers can not boast in most cases of having the requisite expertise needed to handle the customization and quality required at each stage of the development process, on the other hand, Odoo professionals can guarantee the completion of your service in a timely and structured manner because the workflow is harmonized due to years of practice and experience.
With an Odoo professional, you are assured of professionalism and an unwavering standard of quality, while a freelancer, on the other hand, just wants to apply for their job and move on to the next task at hand without necessarily satisfying quality as needed at every point.


You will have to share detailed information about your company with your preferred service provider as it is mandatory for most ERP implementation services, needless to say, freelancers often want to put their best foot forward, especially when it comes to a new customer, so your private data can be revealed to other parties, regardless of a non-disclosure agreement! With an Odoo partner, this risk is non-existent where it always takes time to ensure that the data is kept safe in accordance with the organization's necessary standards.

Adaptability to trends

Odoo releases new functionalities and features every year, and its technical partners are equipped with the requisite documentation and know-how to handle new versions. In addition, Odoo partners are equipped with the skills needed to help you select which version suits you best, while freelancers, on the other hand, risk knowing only obsolete versions.

Lesser vs Higher charges

It is also important to remember that freelancers may often come off as easier choices because they prefer to reduce their rates in order to portray themselves as a more appealing option compared to a professional Odoo service provider who charges as a professional and takes into account many items before charging you (for instance, service charges and applicable taxes).

Freelancers should be limited to limited customization jobs, or say small tasks. When you put a full Odoo implementation in the hands of a freelancer because of their limited knowledge of Odoo, it will pose a danger to your project. Odoo ERP itself is vast and hence includes Odoo professionals who are highly qualified and trained to provide the fullest possible service, like Odox SoftHub.

You don't have to run behind every need with the developers of Odoo companies as they comprise an experienced team and technical community who have dealt with the comparative kind of prerequisites you might have for your business.

It is a fact that you get cost adequacy with Freelancers as they charge inexpensive contrast with Odoo partners. However, what saves your time and money at the same time is the versatility and potential help provided by the Odoo Development business.




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