The origin of the on-demand economy has revolutionized the traditional business models at an advanced rate in past few years. From buying groceries to ordering food, purchasing medicine to renting furniture, the on-demand delivery apps have made our life easier than ever before. Smartphones have become the game-changer for the on-demand delivery app implementation.

The term ‘hyperlocal’ refers to 'a small area’ or ‘a very specific demography.’ The hyperlocal on-demand delivery model is defined as a business model in which the service provider acquires requested product(s) locally and deliver the same to the customer in the same geographical area.

The Problem

The client wished to launch an app that would encourage users who could leverage their spare time by delivering parcels and get paid for them. The client also wanted the app to be user-friendly and cost-effective, so as to make it easy for users to engage. They preferred to implement the app with the backend of Odoo eCommerce which is easily adaptable and will be automatically updated with the inventory and customer management system.

Our team had to gather few insights to reach clients requirements:

-Understand the user personas and lifestyles.

-The app must be designed in a way that would seamlessly connect a requester and service provider to request or deliver parcels in their neighborhood

-The app must build in a way that the delivery must be anywhere, anytime within constraint time

-The app must be cost-effective and community-driven
-Engage users with offers and discounts

The Solution

The goal was to make an easy app that can be accessed on any mobile device, tablet, system without any hassle
The team had a clear idea of what to use to achieve all the insights that were gathered. The Odoo eCommerce that can fulfill most of the demands collaborated with the most relevant and efficient mobile development framework- Flutter. Flutter, an open-source software development kit, helped reach the app to platform Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.

Our outstanding team took every bit of challenges that were faced in the development stage of the app. We have taken the eCommerce management at the enterprise level one step ahead, by creating feature-rich multi-stores for multiple brands and multiple types of products. 

Benefits of Delivering through Hyperlocal services:

  • Give a chance through an eCommerce platform for a lot of offline local sellers who cannot come online.
  • The more sellers you achieve on your Odoo hyperlocal Marketplace the more customers you get.
  • Automated filters to show products and sellers according to the customer’s location.
  • Customers can buy from local sellers saving time and shipping costs.
  • You can decide the delivery area limit for sellers which can be increased as the business grows.
  • Faster deliveries to customers which in turn increase conversions and traffic.

Highlights of using our On-Demand delivery app:

  • Separate Seller Dashboard.
  • Delivery at the shortest time
  • Attractive UI with rich browsing experience.
  • Buy from the nearest seller.
  • Quick delivery of ordered product.
  • Current Location Selection.
  • Multiple address management via Address book.
  • Regular Push Notifications.
  • Mobile and Tablet device compatibility.
  • Multiple platform compatibility.

Users App

The Result

Hyperlocal has become one of the hottest buzzwords in the on-demand delivery industry in this technology era. The customers, retailers, entrepreneurs, and the economy – all of them have a host of solid reasons to accept and welcome the hyperlocal on-demand delivery application models with a delighted heart.

Odox is proud to reach a milestone by creating such an app that benefits both the app-user and our super-supportive client. This easy-to-use app can be handled by all user segments – be it the student community or stay-at-home moms, professionals, or businesses - both enterprise or consumer-oriented. As an individual or business who wants their item to be delivered locally and within a short time-span, this app can be of great use. The reviews from the locals are over-whelming and much appreciation goes for its unique features and services.


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